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Hi ! I have lurk here for a while and I want to start a simple and small NBE program. I dont want huge result because Im right now Dcup. I was thinking about use some Soy isoflavone extract pill and/or Hops pills and/or Flax grounded. I just want to have some of your opinion on those. I want to know if theres a chance it can be effective considering the fact its in the pills form. Is there some of you guys tried something similar ?
Yes any of those could work.  They are overlapping in effect so there's not much point in combining them.  Or see option 1 first sig link.  Or for even less than that link I suggest only the shatavari, ground flax seeds and collagen powder.  If you want less to take then shatavari, soy isoflavones and collagen powder (dissolves easily so it's not that much trouble).  Shatavari has a nice balanced effect so you can get added benefits with low risk of doing too much, flax or soy is mild plus flax has essential fatty acids, and collagen provides elastic lift, firmness and support.
Thanks a lot for you answer ! I'm gonna take a look.


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