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Confidence tips?
Hi all, 

My confidence has been rocky.  Self image has been an issue for me and now I really want to tackle it once andfor all! It's been seeping  into my relationship  where I would be so jealous of the busty curvy women my boyfriend follows and likes their pics on tumblr. He assures me I'm perfect in every way and I love him for giving me that reassurance but I still compare myself.  Any of you lovely women or men have any unshakable confidence tips? 

Much love,  

Hey Dee!
Being human is a tough one for sure. Too bad there is no easy instruction manual that we get at birth, and all the other ones out there are crap.
But the best advice I can give you is to listen to your BF!
If he loves you and thinks your perfect then he must be right.
As for him looking at busty women.. Well thats just him enjoying beauty.
I'm sure you have had your breath taken away at a handsome actor or a guy in a crowd.
That just human nature.
Every day when you wake up Enjoy the day. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the rain and be very happy that you are you and you get to enjoy the wonderfull life that only Dee can enjoy. It actually takes as much or less effort to think happy thoughts as it does miserable ones.
Think happy.
Lots of people love you and I bet they wish they were you.
Now go give your BF a big kiss!
Hi Dee,

I just finish reading this thread and thought it might help you

There is a link to a documentary my small breast and i. I watched that and realized all three women there have MUCH bigger breast then I do and they are still not happy. I was not kidding when I said I’m truly flat with skin and nipple. Dodgy  There will always be someone out there that’s is better than you in some aspect. But at the same time, there will always something unique about you that only you can’t offer. Focus on those qualities and don’t think about comparing. Good luck!


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