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Swelling trend
Hi all, I started noogling about a month ago with the pump and hold method at 3 inhg pressure for 1-2 hours each day. So far I didn’t notice any growth but temporary swelling.

Funny thing is I only experience swelling during my luteal phase. I had absolutely no response during my follicular phase and that is very discouraging. Have any of you experience the same thing? I tried massage, heating pad, shower, excercise before my pump session and those didn’t help with swelling during follicular phase. Also when I first started, my swelling is AMAZING with one or more cup sizes (I’m 32 aaaaaa) and leave my boobs rock hard for a few hours. Now the swelling I have is different, less than one cup size with firm but squeezable tissue. I am not sure if I am doing by a anything wrong.  Would love to hear your experience and any advise is welcomed! Than you.
Hi Meow,
Thats great you are seeing progress,
And beware that noogleing can take.. I think 100 or 200 hours before you see some permanent growth.
And I notice a lot of soft squishiy breast growth too.
I love it.
Keep doing what your doing and massage helps a lot too. Drink lots of water!
I have recently switched form the hold for an hour to hold for 1/2 hour, massage for ~ min and wait about 1/2 hour and hit it again.
It seems to help with the red rings taking so long to disappear, and I love the extra squeezy part too.
Hi HappyMe  Smile

I hope the swelling turns into permanent growth soon! I am about 40 hours of noogling Time now.

Ya. I was doing it hard before without padding and have not only red ring marks but also white indentation On my upper chest. Luckily I heal within a week without pumping. Really need to restrain myself not to abuse my boobs. What I found really help is padding. I bought some silicon pads with adhesive on on every sidebar from McMaster Carr and it works very well. No longer have ribs pain and the ring marks fade away fast. Shower afterward also help with ring mark but totally destroy my swelling. 

I like your idea of breaking up the session. I think it helps the blood recirculate around the chest and help reduce ring marks or any possible tissue damage. Out of curiosity, how can you tell if your noogling is a successful session. I always go by the amount of swelling and it’s Ian discoursing when in get none. What are the tell tell signs we are looking for?  Huh
Good ole McMaster Carr.
I never would have thought od NBE in their store... but they do seem to have everything.
If your having rib pain I think you definitely need to lower your suction and or the time.
When I started I wanted to suck them poor little titties in there for all they were worth.
Now its just slow and steady.
For my sense of accomplishment, I enjoy massage after noogling. And I can tell the extra softness and just more of it.
And I can tell that my Tee shirts seem to fit much better on top too.
It does go away but I can noogle again and thats rewarding too.

That's important to notice that you need to release pressure for the blood to flow!
Too much pressure and your breasts can turn purple and will get cold. Indicating you are just pulling the fat cells and trying to enlarge them.. IE the swelling.
And when you release and massage then the blood flow increases bringing good stuff to the breast tissue and fat cells that is now expanded.
At least thats what makes sense to me.

Keep up the good work, its worth it. Smile 
Hi Happyme,

Thanks for sharing the wisdom. I have to admit I’m very impatient with the progress. After all I had been on herb for half an year with not much to show other then pms. Recently I started drinking my protein shake right before my noogle session and I “think” I am getting better swelling. I am not sure if I am just imagine stuff or not. But I think my swelling is more and last longer. It would be interested to see if anyone’s else have the sameness experience. I siren hope I’m not hallucinating.  Tongue


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