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Long time reader first time posting
Hi all, 

I had been reading this forum since last year and had been on nbe journey since dec 2017. It’s time for me to join the community as I have learn so much from every single one of you here.

I am 32 years old, never been pregnant, and have always been flat as a board. My husband doesn’t care at all but I have always been insecure about my boobs size my whole life. Heck, most men in my workplace has bigger boobs then I do! I have always been petite at 5”5 and 105 lbs. I guess I am a 32 aaa (perhaps even aaaaa) as I’m never able to fit fully into a a cup bra. I literally have no breast tissue, just nipple on skin. 

So far I have nothing to show and am getting a hormone test to tune my program. If you are interested, I have list out what I tried and what my current program is on my profile page. 

Nice to finally meet you all and Happy growing!!!!
welcome dear Big Grin  hope you reach your goal <3
Thanks noobie! I will be so happy if I reach full A. But I’m sure I will have boobie greed at that point so my dream goal is a full C   Smile

Off to noogling now


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