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PCOS ... What should I do?
I'm asian woman suffered "PCOS"

As you know, PCOS' cause is very various.

PCOS women are having more difficulty to NBE

So I"m very depressed........

I have been suffered PCOS long time

my period is so irregular and I have leg's hair like a man, and I have acne on my face and feel depressed.....

I have two period a month.  I know it's not usual, and maybe I have to go hospital.

But I am very confused  because When I was 23years old, doctor said PCOS is incurable disease and I have to take a BCP until menopause

many researchers say BCP worsens PCOS because BCP prevent ovulation

no one tell me how to cure PCOS in offline, But In online, there is a woman cured PCOS

anyway, the endocrine system is very very difficult for me...

I tested ultrasound and blood test about a few months ago.
Blood Test results showed high levels of testosterone.

and lh/fsh ratio is more than 4 times and Polycystic ovaries were also confirmed by ultrasound.


PCOS cure is first or NBE is first? maybe I think PCOS is first, right?

BUT I'm afraid PCOS is difficult to cure and although PCOS will be cured, NBE program cause more hormonal imbalance than usual women

there are many women suffered PCOS and there are many women growing her breasts naturally.

but I don't know the women that she success to grow her breasts despite of PCOS

let me know Smile

I love this "breastnexus forum" but too many threads are here, so I couldn't read at all . lol

I don't know how to cure PCOS and success NBE

PCOS is very very very complicate hormonal imbalance disease and NBE is closely related to hormone

and both are very related to endocrine system


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