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hi, all!
I'm the new begginer...

suffered from PCOS but I'm very thin


i heard that pcos wemen are suffered from breast shrinking... is that true?

does anyone have a big breasts but suffered from PCOS?

I diagnosed PCOS when i was 23 year old

my leg's hair very dark and long and thick like a man's....

and i have an oily face and acne although i'm 26

spearmint tea is working for reducing acne and leg's hair

but it seem to be working instantly

as you know, my english is not influent and I have a hard time listening english

Is that okay if I listen hypnosis or subliminal or binaural beats?

is it working if I can't understand what it say?

and is it okay if I use taking pill or pumping while listening them?

I'm suffered PCOS so  I don't know how to cure my disease....

I tried anything to cure PCOS... diet, maca, progesterone cream, inositole(don't know how many take), omega-3, herb.....

but my cure time is little short... maybe,,,, 2months??

I'm not overweight  so diet is not effective for me.......

I usally subliminal via youtube....

on youtube, there are many many videos subliminal hypnosis frequency 

but I don't know the effective video.

isn't youtube videos effective?

through a subliminal or binaural, how much can I grow my breasts?

now: 30b


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