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Estrogen receptor upregulation
(07-09-2018, 04:10 PM)hannah Wrote:
(07-09-2018, 12:07 PM)Cely Wrote: I remember a month of my life when my breast was heavier (more fullness, more roundness but same size) but I don’t remember if I was taking panax gineng. 
Maybe yes, it was when my depression goes worse, And when my depression goes worse i usually take ginseng and smoke weed. 
But now the question is: is gineng to blame or maybe the weed?

Blame for what your depression or your larger chest size?
Drugs can make depression worse yes. But i dont think it enlarges your breasts? It is said that the drugs you mention cause gymmastica/-male breasts in men..by messing around with dopamine, then comes to prolactin etc. But i personally think itis unlikely, just how lavender is beeing rumoured about causing breast growth in young boys who used lavender soap...the effect must ve minimal and you gotta be sensitive to grow a pair from just lavenderor drugs.
I think ginseng is like maca, it gives you waaay too much energy, so idk what these herbs mess with. I'm not a fan. Maybe tea form would be better..



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