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Fenugreek for me gave me a false hope temporary prolactin boost and I got all excited. Minute i stopped so did the xtra size,  then later attempts FG f&&&k up my blood sugar.
Saw palmetto actually think it worked for me gaining some size but broke out in pimples and gained cellulite so I stopped. 

Natureday herb liquid actually worked first time round and I think it’s pretty good but I dont trust 
Their formula too much being organic etc and later attempts it made me E Dom .

I hear you 100% hormone tests are fricken expensive and worthless if you do the wrong ones and at the wrong time of your cycle. Can you see an endocrinologist Cely? I can say from personal experience I was in good health and balanced hormones when i started nbe but the more I took and the more I experimented the worse my hormones got . 

Anything you consider look at the contraindications too but I see in your posts your doing that.


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