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Lower breast fullness vs Upper breast fullness with herbs
I'm working on the shape of my breasts. Prior I was a B cup with very little tissue above the nipple. I guess people call this "shallow breasts." Now my breasts are evened out; there is decent tissue above and below the nipple because of what I'm taking but am wondering what if my upper breast tissue continues growing at this rate and I end up with pec like boobs  Huh ...what herbs increase lower breast tissue? I want to have the teardrop shape with upper breast fullness. Is it progesterone what causes lower breast tissue to grow? I just started vitex in addition to other supplements. I don't know how much I should be taking it's 400mg pills so I was thinking once every couple days during luteal phase....but not sure...maybe I should take it throughout my cycle? Is PC better for this? Anyone had experience with different herbs affecting breast shape in different ways?

My suggest : use vacuum suction to enhance the lower part
Try herbs like Fenugreek and Fennel seeds. They both have Phytoestrogens that can help grow breast tissue.


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