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Pumping positions
Do you think the position we are in when we pump (sitting, laying, reclined etc.) has any influence over where we swell or grow? I was wondering this just recently when I started pumping sitting up instead of in a reclined position, and immediately had issues with red dots again. It was like what is was when I first started pumping in February despite using the same massage, oil, moisturiser and pressure (I have a gauge pump). A couple of weeks later, and the reoccuring dots have stopped, but it just got me thinking maybe sitting up targets different areas than laying/leaning back. 
Any thoughts?
Thanks Birdie!
Thats an amazing discovery!
I dont have red dots but it sure is an interesting observation.
I'll have to put that trick in my little box.
It will be interesting to hear other responses too, as this is a very common problem.


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