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Program Ideas??? Anyone think this looks good or bad? XD
Elo new to herbal regimes. I took PM a couple years back (I tried it several times actually)which always led to really negative side effects after a couple weeks and quitting for my own well being so thought I'd put together a routine with stuff I've (mostly) had in the past for no reason other than health with no neg effects but all together now for NBE

Ok so priorites equally in this ingredient list are my health and well being and NBE
I plan on taking these daily together with exception of 1 week a month

From a symptom checker; it showed I was "very likely" to have low tesosterone and low estrogen was likely as well .though I guess the symptoms overlap...I feel I am much more likely to be low testosterone atm. 

I am starting at a 30c which sounds big but it looks more like a b because I'm deflated now above the nipple; before breastfeeding I looked between a large very full c and small d. I'd like to get back to around a dcup or maybe a little bigger. but I mostly want a better shape, I lost all upper pole fullness and I miss the roundness I had before. I cannot really commit to anything but diet changes though; will try to massage in the shower if I remember.

Here's what I have and plan to use together

I am somewhere around 108lb

Ground Flaxseed 20-40g/day
Organic Cooked Soy Flour 20-40g/day (got this combo idea from a program of someone else here ^ ^ but Ive had a good deal of flax and soy in my life so I imagine I'll tolerate it well)
Fenugreek  Seed (ground) 1/2-2 tsp/day(took this for bit and my body responded well to it, even thought the mapley smell was nice..i just ditched it after under a month for PM :'()
Maca 1/2-2tsp/day (hopefully with give me more energy, normalize testosterone, and/or give me a bigger booty ^ ^..and read it goes well w fenugreek) 

Not sure about the doses I should start with on the fenugreek and maca..

I plan to use the stronger dose of all the above for 2 weeks, a half cut dose of all the above for 2 weeks; then a week of nothing. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

other stuff I plan on using daily: oats, 1 cap ashwaghanda, 1 drop lavender oil applied to my temples, cup of organic soymilk, vegan collagen alternative, probiotics, melatonin as needed (I have insomnia most days)

I really like the sound of this plan because with exception of the maca which I've never tried all of this stuff works great with my body; I feel good using them.

Do these typically mesh well for NBE? Does anyone know if these will work well together, and not cancel eachother out or something?
It seems good.  They do go well together.  That seems like a lot of flax and soy but as long as you can tolerate it it should be fine.  For fenugreek you can use whole seeds instead and soak in water and it's easier to eat.  Maca can be used like flour; either as is in water or baked.  I don't think you need to keep changing the amounts but it won't hurt.

Fenugreek 1-2 tsp is good to start, then eventually 1-2 tbsp.
Maca 1 tsp is good to start, then eventually 1 tbsp.
Collagen powder around 10-15 grams.
Others you may not need very much but extra may not hurt either.
Hi Lunasee,
I have noticed that many women with deflated breasts seem to be estrogen dominate.
You might want to get your hormones checked before you spend a lot on herbs.
Hello there thanks for the responses. I honestly think breastfeeding and the rollercoaster of hormones that is pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weaning is why perhaps I lost a cupsize worth of tissue..Also I got MASSIVE; several sizes larger when I started breastfeeding which shrank down after (could be why it looks a bit deflated above the nipple....I believe my estrogen levels are normal now; but just wanted to try something out before going to the doc lol becuase you could be right! Just going off symptoms; I believe I could lack testosterone atm so estrogen dominance is probable but I do think (hope) maca is supposed to help balance that. Throw it in with a bunch of estrogenic herbs maybe magic can happen? Haha Idk I am no science genius nor wizard; but thought itd be fun to experiment atleast with things im comfortable with. Having a decent amount of estrogen already is probablly why PM made me feel terrible and grumpy. When I used fenugreek followed by PM I did grow some though so fingers crossed, I already bought all the supplements and I wouldn't see it as a money waste because I still would eat these things regardless and most if not all of the things listed seem to be good for health; maybe just not all together or in such a quantity. Tongue

PS When I was going through puberty/finishing up puberty around 16/17 I drank and ate alot of soy products; soy milk, soy meats, tofu, soy based dairy alternatives, etc and I was measuring a  D with a very petite body and I can't think of anyone on either side of the family with that body type so perhaps soy really does work miracles.

I stopped having alot of soy because there was alot of negativity in the media about it awhile back and I bought into that; but asian countries have been enjoying high soy diets for a LONG time and they suffer from the lowest cancer/disease rates of us all. I never had a negative reaction to soy; gluten and cow milk on the other hand...-__- I'll now just buy organic non-gmo soy if it's available and call it good.

SurferJoe- I'm starting today and actually cut down to the flax to 22g/day and soy flour to 15g/day total! I already have tofu dishes a couple times a week and just bought soymilk to replace the almond milk I usually buy. I don't want to go overboard to start and honestly that soy flour is way nastier than I could've imagined...I actually remember having that soy flour from a asian market before when I attempted and failed at making soymilk at home. I took your advice and am doing 1 tsp each of the fenugreek and maca a day as well. I will post if I get results in a month or if I need to change this up again! Thank you! Smile

Happy Growing! Tongue
Feeling something going on in there already; like a tingling from the nipples back? Is that a good sign?
That sounds like breast growth to me!
(06-05-2018, 01:34 PM)Happyme Wrote: That sounds like breast growth to me!

Thank you; I believe I'm looking a bit fuller already; sort of what I look like right before my period so only time will tell. I'll also be adding vitex and fennel and will be cutting down a bit on the all that flax and soy; something isn't sitting right with me atm, I think it's those in such huge amounts. And the soy flour just tastes wrong; I'd prefer to drink a couple glasses of plain soymilk over a couple tablespoons of the flour mixed in my morning smoothie. Once I get my period I will do a milk thistle cleanse and perhaps only measure after my period so I know what's growth and what's swelling. ^ ^ I also am incorporating female deer massage atm..but massage is something I have trouble sticking to.

2 questions

If I'm using evening primrose oil on my face for skin health will it still affect my hormones? I read it dosn't interact well with fenugreek.

If I have a irregular cycle  when should I test my hormone levels?
Measured myself today because I'm making some adjustments to my program and wanted to see if what I was doing was actually giving me swelling/growth. I remeasured myself a bunch because I couldn't believe it but I'm 33" now as opposed to right under 32" I started at on the 5th. That just over an inch in just a few days! My period may be close but regardless I don't get this much swelling normally before a period. I will remeasure when I'm done with my period and starting counting from then on.....Also I might be going overboard so I halved the amount of flax and soy I was consuming...I was having a bit of tummy upset and at 108lbs I think I am taking too much of alot of the things to start...I just ordered mucuna pruriens because I suffer from literally all symptoms of low dopamine levels and read amazing reviews on that supplement for energy/motivation etc and great bonus is it seems to help with breast growth...Here's my new routine. I know people say don't change it if it's working and it's working so far; but I want to see if cutting back on some stuff will alleviate my tummy upset while still growing. At the end of the first month I will post my routine in the program section but for now I will be tinkering with it constantly to make sure I'm feeling good using it and that it's tasty/sustainable for me before I even consider promoting it and previously I wasn't feeling great; tummy didn't agree with those amounts and the soy flour was probably one of the worst things I choked down. So still finding what works for me...

I tend to respond well to hormones that induce breast growth including my own bodies hormones (pregnancy put me over a dd (body fat stayed the same as pre-pregnancy)-and I was naturally a large c-small d cup at 19 bmi prior to pregnancy/breastfeeding) PM did not sit well with me at all though; I started getting alot of the symptoms of estrogen dominance when I took that. Also post breastfeeding I got alot of symptoms of hormonal imbalance which is when I shrunk natural c-d to a b. Currently not exhibiting many estrogen dom symptoms which dosn't mean I don't have it; just saying it's not noticeable if I do. I eat a clean vegan diet and do a bit of yoga/exercise

Starting today

Ground Flaxseed 10g/day (down from 20g)
Organic Toasted Soy Flour 10g/day (down from 20g)-gross tasting and I don't believe it's healthy; do not recommend; just using for now because I don't like to waste
Fenugreek  Seed (whole) 1tsp/day...I then grind these up a little
Toasted Maca 1 tsp/day
1 cup soymilk 
1/4 cup tremella (snow fungus) puree (vegan collagen)
Hemphearts (lots of amazing nutrients in here)
1 Ashwagandha Cap 
1 cup jasmine green tea
Melatonin as needed
Deer Massage (about 100 orbits lol)
Some binaural/subliminals

Starting soon...
Mucuna Pruriens

Do all these tend to interact well? I know it's alot but I like to try a little of everything for best chance of growth...Also will using evening primrose oil on my face have any negative effects or is that just if taken internally? Any suggestions?? Thanks!
Sounds great.  It looks like you're going in the right direction.  Yes, that much flax and soy isn't necessary.  I doubt you'll lose much if anything by cutting back on it.  Beano can help with the digestion of seeds btw, or a digestive enzyme supplement in general.  You can also soak certain whole seeds in water for a few hours to make them easier to digest (and easier to chew), including fenugreek.  Doesn't work with flax seeds though; they get slimy and slippery.
Yep I look a bit more swollen today than yesterday and still getting alot of tingles; cannot believe how fast it's going...I think my past attempts I was lucky to get a 1/2" in a month but that's around the time I quit. I think it'll be easier to stick to this time though. I think I'll make my goal 1" over the size I want so I can hopefully wean down off the herbs to my ideal size (32D). Models I look at with this size and my body type are my preference.

Does anyone know if this is an accurate calculator? https://www.soma.com/store/page.jsp?id=102409594

Different bra size calculators were giving my starting size anywhere from 32aa to 30d...makes things very confusing. I think I looked around a small b. I was 28 under the bust and between 31.5 to 32" over the bust. Upper bust was 31"

I don't wear normal bras because they're uncomfortable; either braless or bralettes so I don't know what I fit into these days...I will prob stick to those no matter what because I like to be comfy :Tongue But once in a blue moon perhaps I will wear a bra..? Hahah doubtful. Just fun to know cup size changes.

 So I'm feeling alot better now that I lowered the flax and soy but yeah fenugreek is making me gassy I think.  -___- lol I just got my fennel in so hopefully that helps with digestion as well. I will try soaking the fenugreek and flax actually; I just toss them in my smoothies so the sliminess won't be at all noticeable I can hide alot of strange things in there just fine (not the soy powder unfortunately.) Am I being too subtle about my distaste for it? :Tongue I give digestive enzymes to my dog I never thought about it to myself; will look into it; I have a sensitive stomach in general would probablly help me alot.  Thanks so much! Big Grin


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