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aromatase desensitization
Mints, pueraria and clover, should be used in minuscule amounts, less than 125mg in solid form. If you have hormone imbalances, use less, down to 25mg. Flax should also not be overdone. In low quantities, they upregulate aromatase enzymes. In high quantities, they desensitize aromatase enzymes. There are many sites on the body for aromatization, but aromatase (androgen to estrogen conversion) capability of the ovaries is important for health.

For reference, 500mg is a weight of a standard paper clip. 50mg of solid spearmint, pueraria and clover made into tea is enough to have effects on hormones. A teabag amount is too much, and can cause desensitization. There are other herbs that also modulate aromatase.
Reishi is one to stay away from. It may lower DHT, but from reading comments online it has a reputation for causing hot-flashes.


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