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NBE and contraceptive progesterone implant (Nexplanon)

Here's my background: 
I'd really like to grow my 34B to a C or DD cup and not sure where to start. I am 19, healthy, no history of pregnancies/miscarriages, in the process of losing weight and eating well. Smile

I have fenugreek in pill and powder form as well as Nature's Answer PM that I got a while ago but I haven't used these yet as I wonder about the use of these in the LONG TERM and I am also looking into different contraceptive methods to get. I have had success with fenugreek in the past, and I do notice that herbs do work for me, so my question is, what are the best ways to grow my breasts when I get a hormone-based long term contraception method? Is there anyone here who has the Nexplanon implant?

I see myself getting a contraceptive implant (Nexplanon) at one point in the next two weeks. I have tried birth control pills in the past and hated them, I also would not like to use a condom in my long term relationship, so I now am considering getting the contraceptive implant (progesterone-based) which would last 3 years. How can I structure a plan around this? I don't want to mess up in the long term and I'm scared of using herbs if it means that I'm overdosing on hormones or that in 3 years time if I decide to take the implant out, I lose my breasts.

I suppose massaging is a good way to start? But what else can I do from the methods on here to really achieve some growth?


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