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My summer body program
PHii!! Big Grin  
After almost a year reading articles and threads, summer is here and with it the trouble of no looking good in any bikini so...2 days ago i finaly started with nbe yay!! Tongue Lately i've been recibing some "good intentioned" comments from meddlers and even my ex... Things like: how little breasts! Or you're so flat.... Dodgy  I take all this signals that i have to solve my no-boobs issue so i hope to share my aventure with you all! And... Also i need to feel a little suported and a looot of advice lol 

About me:
23 years old, 57kg and 175 cm
My current breast size 32.6 and 34, they are separated so... No boobs Sad there's no breast tissue in the top so they do a ski slope effect
I've low estrogens and progesterone, normal prolactin and high testosterone, DHEA and FSH (i've black thick hairs in my chin, arms, chest...)
My body temperature use to be low and changes a lot, few hours ago i was 35ºC, now I'm almost 37ºC... i have a high metabolism and my thyroid seems to be ok. I think that as a child my stress disbalanced my hormones so i didn't grow almost anything as a teenager... My mum and her sisters have little boobs too, but my grandmothers both have big breasts. 
I tried pituitary and apart from giving me something like an allergy, it didn't rise much my body temp. Now i'm taking a tablespoon of coconut oil and i'm considering to try kelp. As i already have other seaweeds for cooking, maybe they would do a similar effect?
I'm studying chinese pharmacopoeia and chemistry, so for me this is like an in vivo experiment  Cool

Current program
Bo cream inspired by miss mad scientist recipe, with 15 drops of spearmint to low testosterone in breasts area.
2 bo swanson pills at night (doing a rest week during my period)
Vitex from swanson in the morning and night
4 tablespoons of breers yeast for the vitamins and minerals
Se, Ca, Mg, Zn and vit D supplement
Creatin, whey and glutamine after exercise (which i do in the evening)
Maca during my rest week
1/2tablespoon of reishi+Bunch of mint infusions to low androgens
Massage and pumping as much as i can (even i'm having a little trouble with the pumping)
500mg vit C+ 100mg alfa lipoic acid 
Ctp (a very powerful H detoxifying)  

I've been listening for almost a month a subliminal that i made and also use to listen some hipnosis in youtube for breast enhacement even i'm sure that it's not 10% as effective as  going to a professional but...€€€

In this two days i've noticed (growing Huh Huh ) pains, specially in the morning, and that my areola and breasts are sooo sensitive (i think i've never feel this way as a teenager). Today i pumped a little and seem to be fuller in the top but i'm in luteal phase so who knows...
Thinking on adding:
Zhi mu (topical?)
White peony (my pharmacopea teacher adviced me to take it to low my internal heat lol)
Full fat yoghurts 

What i expect
I don't have any size in mind, i just want that my boobs are noticible and look good and feminine even braless... Maybe a C cup would look great  Blush

Sorry for my english, i don't use it in my daily life^^" I'll be happy to hear your suggestions, ideas, support... anything! And thanks for all the info and experiences you've shared here, they have encouraged me a lot!! 

In a week i'll be updating my sensations, changes or improvements (hope is the last thing you lose xD)


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