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Cycling PM: First day of period or end of period?
Which do you guys usually do for a regular 28-30 day cycle? Using PM on the day you period begins, or when it ends?

I have heard that taking PM on day 1 messes up your period, because estrogen levels are at their lowest during mensuration, so instead it should be taken after. PM Day 7-13 then stop from day 19-24.
Take ist from the end of period...until ovulation.

Some women take PM during menses, too, because it helps with menstrual cramps. This plant is rich in flavonoids, which improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Through her phytoestrogens, Kwao Krua Kao (PM) moisturizes the skin and stimulates the production of collagen. And here we are... take some extra collagen with the PM. That is the sucess story of the asian NBE women. Or go for the cheaper gelantin (1-2 teaspoon daily with any liquid like pineapple juice or joghurt). Regarding PM however don´t overdose (500mg daily is the max, okay?). Much doesn´t help much but rather gives you headaches and or foggy thinking or other freakshow side effects. Believe me, I´ve been there, bought a T-Shirt....(saying)
I agree with Boobs_for_all, take it slow and easy with PM. No more than 500 mg per day!
Start it a day or two after the final day of your menses, and take it till ovulation. If you're not sure when you ovulate yet have a normal length cycle (28-30 days), then a week or until day 13 (from the beginning of the new cycle) should be fine. If you experience any spotting then definitely stop it cold turkey until the next cycle.

When I first started PM I took it from day 1, but that gave me excessive discharge and I very easily spotted. I now take it two days after the last day of my 6 day long menses (so day 8) until day 15, and have yet to encounter any negative side effects. Smile


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