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Back at it! PM and PC
(16-09-2018, 06:57 PM)FlatMeow Wrote: Hi KitKat, any update?  Big Grin

One I've been putting off giving since it's disappointing, haha. :'D
So since I've last updated quite a few things happened. Had a super long cycle that was about 43 days I think, and the months after I lowered my doses of both PM and PC until finally I decided to stop completely in August, I think? Even smaller doses was making me spot, so I thought it was time to take a break and build up tolerance again.

I had two more cycles since then I think, but I haven't gotten back on it since and decided to quit overall. The first cycle was messy, but this last cycle I had was completely normal, like exactly 28 days long! I haven't had a cycle that short in what feels like years, it's almost as though overdosing on hormones made my body do a complete reset, lol. Before messing with hormones my cycles were almost always 30-34 days long. I liked having longer cycles because it meant technically having less throughout the year, but being down to 28 feels reassuring that maybe my hormones are back to where they should be? Here's seeing how the next will be! (Also lost most of my little pudginess, just need to get back to working out to get some tone so I won't look like a flabby stick)

Besides that, I'll FINALLY be getting some real medical attention soon, so another reason I'm not getting on PM and such is to make sure what they measure is my actual baseline. At this point I'm kinda just open to whatever will be suggested, even birth control. I have other issues hormonally I'd honestly rather be addressed first, and if they think BC or Spironolactone or whatever is best, then so be it. It's not like I had much luck following what I think is best these past years... X'D

As for my NBE journey, I've really been wanting to get back on pumping. I left my kit out of state and will need to get another, though... I've been thinking of trying a different kind besides the Kangzhu, like ones that look like bras, like brava.
Out of all the things I've tried, pumping gave me the most concrete results. It was always just a matter of finding the time and privacy of doing it, something I didn't have much of then but do now.

Although this trial didn't work out for me, I did learn a lot along the way. I really appreciate PM and PC for teaching me the specific sensations my body feels and reactions it gives when certain hormones are coursing through it. Now I can pinpoint how excess progesterone feels like, or why discharge and spotting happens. Among other things. Maybe I'll get back on PM and PC one day, once I know my baseline levels and better understand my body. But for now, I have no regrets. ^ ^

Sooo, that's my update! Besides any questions or responses, this thread is dead now. Blush


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