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Test results - hormones/herbs help
Tests from 2016 when OFF PILL AND HERBS:
September 2016 (when breasts were big and skin clear! I had been off the pill for over a year at this point)
I had estrogen and progesterone tested on the same day the week after my period (day 10 or after) and I was told the results were normal.
Estrogen (estraidol) – 440pmol/L
Progesterone – 2.2nmol
I had my prolactin tested around this time and the level was high at 562 (roughly this I think).  As it was only slightly high and she said I was probably stressed at the time of the blood test (don’t think so…) and refused to test me again – despite my mum having had hyperprolactinaemia and being unable to conceive :/
LSH – 9
FSH – 6
Testosterone – 1
PCOS – I had a pelvic scan which came back as normal.
Thyroid – results have always fluctuated.  It was 6.1 at this time, which was hypothyroid, but I wasn’t given medication.  I was re-tested on the pill a few months later and it came back as normal (4 or thereabouts). 
Iron – I have low iron, sometimes I take tablets for it but not always.  I don’t think low iron particularly affects breast growth or skin(?), but please tell me if I’m wrong!
Recent tests (April 2018) – I’d recently stopped the pill, had been messing around with Femodene and Cerazette out of desperation so not sure to accuracy, but my acne was bad and my breasts smaller than ever so I thought it may still highlight a problem:
Cortisol: High at 972.  Normal range 133 – 537.
Prolactin: High at 571.  Normal range 102 – 496
Estrogen: Normal. Meant to be tested on day 3, but no idea due to having recently come off the pill. 
Progesterone: Low, but I was bleeding at the time after coming off the progesterone only pill. 
FSH: High. But I was having a withdrawal bleed at the time so not sure how accurate this is.
LH: Normal. But just come off pill so who knows. 
DHEA – Normal.
Testosterone/PCOS: I have oily skin and acne and no fat on breasts.  I have hair around my nipples but no hirsutism.  I don’t gain or carry weight around my middle.  PCOS tests I’ve had have been normal.  My last testosterone reading off the pill was 1 (which I assume is normal?).  
Stress/depression:  Recently I’ve found out I have high cortisol which doesn’t surprise me as I’ve always been anxious/a worrier.  I’m prone to bouts of depression and I do get stressed and anxious easily.  I understand this causing acne, but can it really stunt growth/shrink breasts?  I’m sure it doesn’t help it, but could it really cause such an effect alone?

Estrogen dominance?: When off the pill my skin cleared the week of my period and flared up the week after until after ovulation.  It was at its worst up to the peak of ovulation.  I have small breasts and wide hips but no weight around my middle.  I have acne.  On Vitex I got headaches around ovulation even though I thought it was a progesterone raising herb.  However some combined BCPs have helped my acne albeit slightly and I've had swelling/growth but again only very very slightly.  The progesterone only pill didn't do anything for my skin or breasts.  

Herbs that didn’t help (as indicative of which hormones I need/don’t need – please advise!):
Wild Yam
Saw Palmetto - this was terrible, made me gain weight around my middle and made my skin worse and more oily. 
DIM – helped skin slightly but did nothing for breasts
Agnus Castus:  Helped skin a lot but breasts didn’t grow.  It gave me headaches leading up to ovulation – does this mean I have too much estrogen or progesterone?

Is anyone able to comment or shed any light on this at all? Really appreciate any input or herbal suggestions! Thank you Smile


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