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Nooglers, keep attention on this thread! [collaboration of all of you]
Hi queens!

So I thought it would be great to add on a thread what we do when we noogle. I think this might help to nooglers to keep going if we have a huge list of things to do or see while noogling... or at least in my case it's gonna be very helpful, specially since I am doing marathons! Cool

For instance, what I do is to listening to music or watch things on my laptop, so there you have a good chill out music links and shows/movie's names as well!

MUSIC (this week)


SHOWS I've watched so far while noogling

Around 20 minutes :

- Sabrina
- Bewitched
- Dragon Ball (haha I'm a huuge fan)
- Manga series (if interested, message me!)
-Sex'n the City

Around 45 minutes:

- Gossip Girl
- The O.C
- Everwood
- Charmed
- Revenge
- Greenleaf
- One Three Hill
-The Mentalist
- Murder She Wrote
- Houdini & Doyle

Around 1h:

-Games of Thrones
- Miss Fisher
- Miss Marple's
- Hercules Poirot


-  Harry Potter all saga
- The Hobbit all saga
- Star Wars all saga
- The Hunger Games all saga
- X men all saga

I'll keep posting monthly but I highly encourage you to add whatever you like to do, see or read while noogling!
Heyy Smile

Umm I basically do similar things while noogling. It all just depends on my schedule. If there are heaps of things I have to do then I try to "waste" (massage, getting the heating pad, taping the nipples etc) the least amount of time doing all this stuff. While I have the pumps on I just study, do paper work or work on the laptop. 

With the medium cups, I could also do light house work like just organizing easy to reach things in my room. But with the large cups I can only just sit up otherwise there is a lot of farting lol

When life isn't too busy then I practice play the keyboard(just started learning), do free online music theory courses, read or watch shows and movies online.

Some shows and movies I like: 

Charmed, Once Upon A Time, Avatar The Legend of Aang and The Legend of Korra. And I also watch Disney movies, they are nice light movies and not too serious.

SweetOrange you must give Once Upon A Time a chance. It is a really good show ^_^
Good Thread Sweet Orange.
I made the mistake of not getting the shutoff valves, so I find it a real pain to do anything with the pump dangling around.
So I try to Noogle when I am working on the internet, (desktop PC). As long as I dont reach to far or the cats dont want some attention the cups stay in place and its a good hour.
I tried them in my sauna, and thought that would be a great way to keep the heat up while noogling, but you'd be amazed at all the moisture (sweat) that builds up in the cups in just 1/2 hour!
I needed an extra towel to deal with that.
So my advice is to definitely get the shut off valves if your thinking of getting the noogleberry.
love the idea!
you mentioned all of my favorite series tho  Tongue  so I'm doing youtube

i love watching h3 brodcast ( + 1 hour )
h3h3 brodacst https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLtREJY...uEKvdki1Kw

ryan higa - i dare you ( 15 minutes* ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s-ItRek...-nEmq-AVgz
ryan higa- sketzo (10 minutes*)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s-ItRek...-nEmq-AVgz
ruan higa - games (10 minutes*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCRbE2DM...8bpp8ZAbnr
* = very addictive you'll watch more Wink
Siren is another good show as well Smile
I still busy I don't have too much time to be around BUT ladies, watch Adelaine Morin on Youtube she'll make you laugh !

P.S: I'll have big update by May with things I've been working on pumping but my life right now is a chaos!

Hugs <3


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