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DHEA and Thyroid supplements
So I’m realizing that I won’t get the desired results because of my messed up low  body temperature....Ive tried kelp for two months, but it really does not help me. Now my thyroxin levels are normal according to my gynecologist..but I’ve read that this might be the blood work results, but the problem is that when the liver processes the hormones from the thyroid it’s not able to process it like it’s supposed to...so this is why a lot of women have symptoms of low thyroxin levels without blood work to support that..so anyway... I’m considering trying DHEA AND THhroid supplements to increase my body temperature , and I was wondering if any of you have tried that?
I'm having similar problems. My body temperature stays around 97.7
(13-03-2018, 08:46 PM)Tinytown Wrote: I'm having similar problems. My body temperature stays around 97.7

I actually started taking coconut oil every day, and my bodytemperature increased! I take a tablespoon in my coffee or tea, or I use it instead of butter on bread. Very effective, like immediately..
Oh, and also I read about how we have several dysregulators in our society today that makes our hormonal system messed up..meaning that a person can have all the symptoms of low THS, but when they have the blood work done the results show completely normal levels (like I mentioned before), and that we can change this by removing the dysregulators which are stress, chemicals in the body, infection, inflammation and fasting... So if you just look at the chemicals in your body,you consume a lot of “shit” every single day thatimpact hormone regulation. Preservatives, artificial sweeteners like aspartame,pesticides, chemicals from the plastic you drink water from etc. just by removing the dirty dozen (12 vegetables/fruits containing most pesticides) from your diet or only eating these organic, you remove 85% of the pesticides from your body... so meditate and detox! e


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