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(10-03-2018, 12:55 AM)James98 Wrote: Breaks are a good thing. Some people noogle 5 days and take weekends off. Some go 3 months and take a week or two off. I believe the boobies need a rest. Everyone with good success from noogling has said statements like "maybe I would have done better if I had been more consistent". But I think the reason they did better than their peers is because they were not consistent. I also believe that those with more spectacular results simply pumped harder. Of course one must stay below the level of damage, no blisters, red dots, bruises etc.

Hey James98 

yeah that is true. Breaks are important as well, so I shouldn't be so discouraged then. Smile
On those days you cant or dont want to Noogle, you should at least massage!
Just so your breasts dont get lonely


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