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first time on PM and ovulation question
i bought ainterol PM (500mg/capsule) recently and was too excited to start so i just started 500mg/day at day 17 of my menstrual cycle. concerned that i’ll mess up my period, i stopped 9 days later and just decided to wait for my period to come before i start my regimen properly (period is now due in 2 days). 

one of my biggest concerns is not about missing periods, but i would like to know how can i ensure i will still ovulate on time or at all? i am not trying to actively conceive but i also would not like to prevent pregnancy in anyway and leave that open. i read that PM acts as a natural contraceptive for some. 

can i know what is the best cycle days i should take to ensure i will ovulate as usual? 

really appreciate any suggestions as i’m so confused with all the terms and differing plans! Smile
You´re not supposed to take PM in the LH phase. You´re supposed to take it during FSH phase. So, after menstruation until your temperature rises (ovulation). Yes, if you want to know the day of ovulation you will have to measure your temperate every morning at the same time right after getting up before even brushing your teeth. Some women are very sensitive and can even feel the mid pain around day 15-17. After that, no PM


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