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Giving BO a Go
Hello! Gathered a bunch from others experiences and this is what I'm going to try

750mg of Swanson Bovine Ovary
80mg Swanson Pituitary Gland
1g MSM
1g Cinnamon
all taken 30min before sleep taken with 25g of Casein Protein

1g MSM 
Multivitamin (Synergy Vita-Min-Herb Womens)

Given I don't deal with any huge side effects I will try this for a whole year. In addition I will be massaging and using my Bosom Beauty as often as possible. I want to try a nipple cream like MissEllen used. I'll probably just mix four caps with this Japanese horse oil I have that I don't use much and apply that after shower and with alcohol wipe beforehand. Not sure if I'm going to use the nipple covers and may just do a little and let it dry. Not sure on this yet but well see.

I've read 1000mg is the standard for seeing results from BO but I didn't want to jump in too deep too quick. If I don't turn into a crazy cow after a week I'll probably up to 1000 though.
I see this post is from several months ago. Have you had any progress?
Shame so many start posting here then go out to pasture to never be herd from again


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