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Some Encouragment <3
I recently saw family and as my mom was dropping me off she said :

"Enjoy your youth
Soak in every moment!
Before you know it, it will be gone and you'll wish you'd payed attention more to what you had rather than what you didn't."

For me and I'm sure for others it is easy to get caught up in NBE and the success we wish we had but I think this applies to all of us! A positive mind leads to a positive life and ultimately where we want to be. Maybe total projection but hope it helps someone else as much as it helped me!
Very true. Live in the now, applies to everyone. The past is gone and the future doesnt exist, its just a word; you never get to the future, you cant hold it, you can say 'ive arrived in the future', its always the now! 

Dance like no ones watching, sing like no ones listening and love like youve never been hurt before....enjoy your moments.
That is some great advice.. Even worth printing out and hanging around in every corner of your life.
I'm 68 and have lived my life mostly the way I wanted. I am disappointed
by some of my decisions, but I survived and still have lived a 99% happy life.
For the most part let your conscience be your guide and you wont go wrong.



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