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New to NBE, my pics
(10-06-2018, 08:43 AM)Piece of Cherry Pie Wrote: That is amazing progress Ashley! And as others have already said, you have really beautiful breasts!
I was kind of doubtful about the whole noogleberry thing. But I do watch a lot of series Rolleyes and your progress really makes me want to try it out! Thanks for sharing with us Blush

Hope it works for you! Keep me posted  Big Grin
What series do you watch ?
(07-05-2018, 02:00 PM)Happyme Wrote: WOW Ashley, you look great,
And the tan is perfect.
Glad to see a noogleberry success story.


Thank you so much Bobbi!
Still working on it, it really is a long journey, but it's sooooo worth it
Hii guys :Smileust wanted to update you
Ive been noogling for 6 months now
And this is my progress now
In the recent pic i havent noogled in 5days
wow Ashley!! looks wonderful
whats your measurement now?
(15-07-2018, 02:44 AM)afnan Wrote: wow Ashley!! looks wonderful
whats your measurement now?

Thank you!
Its 26.5-35.25 Smile
Ok so you definitely have seen a change in measurements now? Looks like growth yes! Heaps more protrusion from the sides. Your nipples grew heaps bigger too!


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