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What is the real Ainterol website?
Hi guys! I’ve decided i want to try ainterol PM. What is their real website as well as what else should i use with it? And how much? Thanks for your help! I’ve been on this journey a long time and haven’t seen much results. I think this is my last try before considering implants. Please help!
There's two, .com and Co.UK
I've seen some people say "Weaker options didn't work so I'll go all out and try PM."  The mentality is that if you aren't responding to a normal, mild program then maybe you're resistant and you need to crank up the strength for it to work on you.  It's backwards though.  More will just send you further in the wrong direction and inhibit your growth even more.  If you aren't responding to a normal mild program then you need to step back and find out what's wrong.  Start with nutritional support, and see what mild or low dose herbs do work.  Then once you get results you increase what works to get even more growth.  Only then you try the strongest and best at a high dose.  Even then you balance it out, so you find out how much PC you need to go with your PM by starting low on both and gradually increasing 1 at a time.  You need to enable your body and respond to its signals to get anywhere, not force it.

Ainterol is nice, but there are probably a few other good ones too.  If you got any response at all then it at least counts as weak PM, so at worst it's the same as a low amount of PM.  If not just as good as Ainterol.

If you want to actually go all out, start at the bottom and support your body:
- Start with nuts & etc. nutrition from either of my sig threads.  Keep it up for at least 2 months, if not 6 months.  You could try herbs, massage and/or pumping during this time, but those might be a waste of time.
- THEN gradually add in herbs, starting low and then going higher on what you see working.  Continue on all the same nutrition.  If you go with PM that would start at 100 mg (no need to cycle at a low dose), and it would replace the red clover in sig link.

If you want to really go all out:
- Only when you start gradually adding in herbs, gradually add in MK677 too.
- You can do more if you're impatient, like massage and/or pumping, but keep in mind you'll have to maintain it for life if you want full results.  You may want to focus more on what you can keep doing long term.  Then if you want, maybe temporarily do other things for a bit of initial boost that will fade later (but you'll still keep results from the other things that you continue to do).


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