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Shooting breast pain while noogling.
Everything has been going fine with my noogling except for this new pain. I am basically noogling how I did before.

The pain is not on the outer(skin) layer of the breast or the nipple. It feels like it is happening on the inside/centre of the breast. I feel it randomly for few seconds and then it's gone. There is no pain before or after the sessions. It only happens for a few seconds every now and then during the sessions and I just release the pressure a bit on that particular breast.

It usually happens only to one of the breasts(not both at the same time). If It's a positive growing pain, then I will be more than happy to tolerate it.   Smile
I never really experienced any growing pain because mine just grew a little in a couple of years to 32AA until I was 15  Dodgy 
So I don't really know what growing pains are like.
So sorry to keep bugging you all like this and thanks for your help xx


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