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The breast augmentation is a surgical and invasive procedure that delivers side effects to the patient. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, but it takes some time to recover after the treatment. Taking complete rest and following the guidelines of the surgeon is key to getting the best possible results. This article discusses how we can recover early by following simple instructions from the surgeon.
What is Breast Augmentation[/url]?
All body parts are important, but some parts are more important than the others. The breast is among such vital body organs for the women. The shape, size, and projection of the breast are important attributes for a woman. Due to such attributes, the body look gets affected.
Due to genetic factors or other life instances, the shape, size, and projection of the breast often suffer a lot. Surgeons have designed breast augmentation treatment to address the shape, size, and projection related breast issues. It is also known as Mammaplasty and Boob Job.
Recovery Phase after Breast Augmentation
The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis. Making small cuts and stitches in the skin is necessary. That is why the skin gets hurt during the breast augmentation surgery. Due to this reason, it takes some time to recover after the treatment.
Once the breast augmentation surgery is done, the patient will be shifted to another room for close monitoring. The surgeon discharges the patient when she starts feeling stable. It often takes an hour to get to senses completely.
Before the patient leaves, a long list of instructions will be handed to the patient. It is of utmost importance to religiously follow these instructions. The more you care, the better results you get. In general, the instruction provided by the doctor include the following points;
· The aftercare requires patience.
· You will feel discomfort and pain.
· Take the prescribed medicines regularly.
· Do not lift heavy items and avoid workouts.
· Wear the bandages and compression garments.
· Visit the surgeon for the follow-up examinations.
· Contact the surgeon if you see an unusual progress.
· Experiencing soreness and swelling for a few weeks is normal.
· Keep the incision sites clean and apply the prescribed ointment(s).  
How to Recover Early than Normal
The more you take care of the treatment area, the better results you will get.
The breast augmentation patient has to take many days off work to go under the knife and to recover after it the procedure. For a working woman, the time is very important. It is a challenge to take this surgery without losing the job.
If the surgery is performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon, the recovery time will be short. The patient may be able to go to the office one day after the surgery. Mean to say, if the patient goes to the clinic on Friday evening, she will be able to go to the office on Monday.
Breast Augmentation, in Short
You have seen how breast augmentation can enhance the shape and look of the breasts. We discussed how to recover easily after having the breast augmentation surgery. If you are interested in the Breast Augmentation in Dubai, please visit the nearest breast surgery clinic in the town.
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