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Need advice about a good BO routine
(06-01-2018, 08:28 PM)2ndTimeAround Wrote: You may want to look at using lugol's solution to address your adrenal fatigue. It's an iodine solution, so you'd probably want to cut out the kelp supplement. It will help with thyroid and adrenals. I take BO not just for BE, but also to manage pre-menopausal symptoms. I had to get some of my other hormonal issues in check, first. I do 7 drops of lugols once a day (J. Crow's 2% solution), 1000 mg of MSM divided into 4 doses throughout the day, 500 mg vitamin C twice a day, 360 mg of fish oil twice a day, and a good quality multivitamin. I then take 750 mg of BO per day (morning, noon, night - but haven been considering increasing to 1000 mg) and do a protein shake morning and evening (25g protein per serving from egg whites because I can't do dairy). I've been doing this for three months and haven't had any off the awful menopausal symptoms.  It has really helped to balance my hormones. But everyone is different, and you'll need to find what works best for you. Give it time and patience and I'm sure you'll get there!

Oh, the other nice thing about getting my hormones balanced is that I've been losing weight with a low carb, high protein diet (lesss than 125g of carbs and over 100g of protein per day) and I've been able to maintain cup size. BE really does seem to be about bringing everything into balance!

Best wishes!

I have already ordered the keep supplement, so will use that as for now.. did you have an effect on your breasts, or only the hormonal imbalance? I’m not sure I will be patient. I’m a bit too unsure about taking BO. Will try for a month, and if nothing happens at all, then I will just quit it. I’m not feeling anything in my breasts so far, only the flowing and odor that people talk about.
OMG how did you survive the odor? I’ve been on these capsules for almost two week now and today it’s just horrible... and the flowing...seriously? How long did you guys survive that? And if any of you had fast results, did it last after you quit it?


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