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Herbals, creams and wish for pregnancy?

my wife tries to get results with vaccum treatment.

She is thinking about combining this with herbal supplements or with creams, but she is ancious because she wants to get pregnant.

What treatment will be safe so that it will not change hormone balance and decrease the probability of getting pregnant?

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It is unlikely that any herb or cream will decrease her chance of getting pregnant.  Progesterone cream is commonly used to increase fertility.  Many other herbs also increase fertility.

The bigger concern is using any herbs or cream while pregnant.  Most herbs probably won't hurt, but better safe than sorry.  Progesterone cream is safe to use during pregnancy. 

Just to be on the safe side she could stay away from herbs because she doesn't know when she will be pregnant.  Some are more trouble than others, but just to be safe IMO she shouldn't use any herbs.  Or at least don't use pueraria mirifica and stop other herbs once pregnant within the first trimester (or as soon as she finds out she's pregnant).  If she doesn't simply skip them all, find out detailed information about each herb to make sure it's safe during pregnancy.  And stop within the first trimester.  IMO the only reason she might even consider using any herbs is because they might improve fertility and help in other ways before and during pregnancy.  Not for NBE alone.  It's very unlikely to be a problem, but you really don't want to make a mistake.

Or just stick with progesterone cream.  Women already make huge amounts of progesterone while pregnant so it's really unlikely that it will cause any trouble.  Even then stopping it too suddenly can cause trouble.  Decrease gradually if she wants to stop.  Progesterone is produced during pregnancy because it is important to pregnancy, so while using more isn't a problem, stopping suddenly is a problem.  And too much progesterone cream might not be good for NBE.  Needs, if any, vary from person to person.
I'll chime in here as a mother of 4, have babies first then work on breast after you've finished having babies.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding causes a lot of changes in the body and breast, and any gains you make before having babies will potentially lost after pregnancy or breastfeeding or if your lucky you could experience increase in breast after pregnancy/breast feeding, while very rare it does happen (hormones are wonderful things).  So concern yourself with making a healthy baby first and when it's all over concentrate on nbe. 
After two pregnancies I can say that they had practically no influence on the breasts of my wife.

There was not even a temporally growth. She was also not able to breastfeed, she got only some drops of milk.


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