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How I Improved My Tuberous Breasts
Mine were from anorexia/bulimia in my early teens causing PCOS.

1) I started with Onas 10% or 20% progesterone cream high dose 500mgs/day. For three months to start. Adding PM in the last month.

2) Evra Patch birth control.

3)Swansons Bovine Ovary 6 pills/day
    Swansons Adrenal Glandular
    KELP Iodine pills
    Improved body temp with a onesie Hahah and a hot water bottle at bed time.

I did this for a month and have 100% noticed changes.

4) I also stopped exercising over exercising and started drinking peppermint tea to help with my high androgen levels.

Will continue! I know there is almost nothing that can be done to lift my breasts, but their shape and size have improved greatly. The herneation of breast tissue into my nipple is almost gone completely. Is worse in my left breast. I am also noticing growth of my underbust, my nipples have always been on the bottom. Happy, but I think I will always be slightly disappounted with the fact I caused myself to have a deformity because I wanted to be beautiful.


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