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So update.
My period was over in 3 days. For me that is a miracle its usually 5 to 7. I got cramps but they were mostly light and not so much the killer ones. 
Took a Maca last night and will start up again with the herbs.
Did not do much massaging since period is over. More prepping for Christmas and family is around much so hard to get a space for myself alone to massage my boobies.
Bottle of Fenugreek is almost finished. Been using MACA in the daytime with a meal. Do not take Maca everyday. At night or on an empty stomach makes me feel sick. Finally was able to find the time in the day to take it without wanting to PUKE later on. (NOT PREGNANT)

If I forget to take Dong Quai in the night the bad effects of Fenugreek gush in so at least I am sure that the two work together or at least they do not work against me. 
Been doing more massages. They seem to be arousing more than growing my breasts. Always horny especially in the day..... (is it the dong Quai?? ) Is it Fenugreek or the once in a while Macas? My breasts do not feel sore either. Massaging 2 to 3 times in the day. Chi, deer, japanese massages and acupressure.

Measured breast..... Band size 77cm Bust reduced from 91cm to 89.5 WTF!! 

Noogleberry shipment on its way. I am hoping that changes something. These flat flappers are pissing me off
They are sore again and its 12 days down to my period. 
Amazing thing this time is that they are firm......very firm  Big Grin
Almost could not find my fibroadeoma lump because the tissue around it is so soft and flat usually. Yesterday they were already sore and full. THen today even more Blush
Tomorrow is the last day of Fenugreek and then the bottle is empty then I am starting wild yam.
Been tracking my noogleberry. Its still "on its way" Hope I can get a week of pumping in before my menstrual.


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