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Really sore boob(s) sometimes. New to noogling. Help
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I've noticed if I place the cups too far up my breasts seem sore like if the skin on the top is being pulled too hard, so usually I remove them and make sure they are placed in the center and then they end up feeling much better. Also it could just be your skin and breast getting used to this section or you could possibly be pumping too hard on that one breast even though I know you say you're only doing a couple small pumps at a time. Are you getting red dots or blisters afterwords? Also i have realized massaging helps. Try massaging before and during your sessions.  I hope the discomfort goes away and I wish you good luck on your journey!


I felt the same pain in my last session and tried to change the position of the cup, that helped Smile

My boobs never have any marks on them after the session and  neither are they sore afterwards. The discomfort is only during the session.  I never get any purple or red marks but I have noticed some veins showing up, is that bad?? Also, there are parts that turn darker in the pump, this happens even with the painless sessions.

It's normal for your breasts to turn redish purple. That's your blood rushing to you veins and than it swells up buy staying there for a while. Mine almost always change colors but didn't notice any swelling until a few weeks in. Also there was only small amounts of soarness in the nipple area after  but that also only lasted a couple weeks. It's normal to feel some small amount of discomfort while pumping but there shouldn't be any sharpe stinging or sharpe pulling.

Been using noogleberry for just over a week now. My boobs aren't really sore and I don't experience unbearable pain.

 There is never any purple color or red dots, so that part is a good thing. The red rings disappear in a few mins for me. If I ever feel pain, I release the pressure immediately, so I just try to find the point where it's just pressure and not pain. 

However, they are a tiny bit sore, it kind of feels like I exercised my boobs, similar to a feeling after the next day of working out. It's not something I can't handle but I just wanted to know if this pain is normal. Oh yes, my boobs  are fuller after the noogling sessions  [Image: biggrin.gif] . It's not huge(I can still fit into the same bra) but I have never seen them that full.  

Are these all signs that I should continue to do what I am doing?

These are good signs. The only true way to tell is to keep going because only time will tell. And the soarness like you exercised is to me a good thing. I felt soar the first couple  weeks but than it went away

Will keep going in that case, thanks dear Smile


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