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Hi I am 33 years old. I have been browsing this site for a little while. 
Have always been a B cup 32B, 34, 36 max. I have 90cm in the bust area and 77cm underbust line. I am currently wearing 36B but after childbirth my underbust is broader and my actual breasts are not full like before.  When I was breastfeeding I think the wanting of bigger breast  got stronger but does mega huge grapefruits disappeared too quickly. 
Thank you to everyone who replied to my previous post with advices Smile Smile 
Drink a lot of teas and take herbs as cleansers and boosters mostly and I think at times they helped my breast although at the time it was not my intention.
Living in France so a lot of the products I read about when I tried to order them it did not turn out well. Currently waiting on delivery of the following to start a program:

  RED CLOVER     ......     WILD YAM      ........     DONG QUAI      ...........    FENUGREEK
Would start slow and not take all at the same time and see how my body reacts to each on its own before combining. I am open to suggestions and combos if you have any. I have been doing massages, so far no changes with that alone. Would love to increase 1 cup size minimum. Or 2 Max. Which would be a little under what I had when I was breastfeeding (which was too huge for me).

Thanks for having me
Talk to you soon!


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