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BO, Losing weight, period symptoms, just alot of stuff going on.
I've been using Swanson BO pretty regularly for about a year now with no real results, but it's kindof hard to say because I also lost weight (about 15 lbs) in that time frame. I "feel" like my boobs went away almost completely, but now are back a bit, but I'm still smaller measurement wise than I was before. I'm at a good steady weight now.

Recently I purchased Tibetan Princess tincture because swallowing pills has become a chore. Decided to do a milk thistle cleanse before getting back on a simplified routine with the liquid. At the same time I started a powdered multi vitamin and I had also added progesterone cream a few months ago (when I remember) and have an IUD, have not had a period (or period symptoms) since getting it years ago.

Here's the thing... I've started to get period symptoms again. I got "spotting" last month for like 5 days straight, which I think was actually my "period". I just started tracking my temps and I'm coming up on that time again, and I'm guessing it will happen again. Oh, and my boobs are sore. WTF? My boobs are never sore, another symptom I remember happening last month, but didn't think to note it anywhere. I also feel like they are bigger/swollen but it doesn't translate to a measurement change, as the swelling is up higher, if that makes sense.

So I guess I'm wondering if I should just keep going with the BO and MAYBE it will actually work for me now that I'm having sortof "normal" period symptoms? I really think it has to do with the multivitamin I'm taking, because I never had these symptoms before even after adding the progesterone cream. (well the first time I used the progesterone cream, my right ovary freaked the hell out, it was twitching in my gut. LOL) Maybe it is the progesterone and it's just taken a few months to get things moving? I guess it doesn't really matter what's doing it. :-)

I have been noogling and massaging when I get the chance, but it seems like I never have enough time to myself.

I guess what I'm asking is, should I take this as a good sign to keep at it? Any thoughts or insight to share?
Using oils and creams is optional, but is recommended especially for the Female Deer Massage to stop chafing of the skin and to help the hands glide over the breasts.



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