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I Had a Fat Transfer (Tubular Breasts)
(21-02-2018, 09:40 PM)TotallyTubular Wrote:
(24-01-2018, 01:20 AM)wagon train Wrote: I am super interested in the details of your procedure. I am considering a fat graft but with it not being widely done yet there aren't many stories out there, and even less success stories. What cup size were to before and what are you now? Would you be willing to share the doctors name, since I'm trying to find one I can trust to give a good result? So many doctors I find say they wouldn't guarantee more than one cup increase from the procedure but I know some doctors have been able to do much more. Are you overall happy with the results? Is there any procaution on having to maintain your current weight so the fat doesnt shrink? Do you have any advice for someone looking into the procedure?

Thank you so much for sharing!

Sorry for the late reply. I had my procedures done with Dr.Reuben in SLC. Estimated about a cup size, but I retained really really well. I was wearing 34A bras when I started (They were what fit best, dunno if it was the "right" size though since I was pretty tuberous) and I am now wearing 34DDD bras, and they fit fabulously, after 2 rounds. I do know that with my procedures (I'm going to do one more at the end of the year I think), Dr.Reuben has said that he'll be able to put more and more in each time, since the space is expanding. I can gain and lose weight and my breasts should lose/gain proportionally with the rest of me. Though I'm going to do my best to keep as much up top as I can with massage and all as I lose weight before my next procedure. I'm am beyond happy with my results, I've actually been sharing them all over the place!
As for advice, if you do look into getting it done, definitely look for someone board certified! I ran into a lot of doctors who could do it "cheap" but weren't actually surgeons. If you're going to have it done, you want someone with experience! It's definitely better to go with someone who would rather build up moderately and knows not to over do it, than someone who promises they can put in 800cc per breast! Too much at once can cause all sorts of issues and usually leads to most of the fat dying off.

hey did you share your experience on real.slef? if so whats your username please Rolleyes ?
please keep us updated here or the real.self, you grew like 4 inches in these 2 round which is amazing, i know some fat dies after couple of months, hows your breast doing?


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