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my herbal program
Hi girls

after research I decide to start a herbal program encluding:


Red Clover
Saw Plametto
milk thistle

Liquid  Extracts: ( i will use them for message only )

Wild yam

i will apply my program just in the days of the period .. 

hope u share me your opinions and notices  Blush
any opinins ?????
Hi girl ...
any suggestions to my plan?????
Maybe add in daily protein shakes and a healthy diet? Also I would only use the milk thistle for cleansing before starting your program or when hitting plateau (usually after 3-4 months of taking the herbs). I also agree you should start your program on the first day of your period  Smile Good luck~
Sounds great! Also you can try BE exercises during your programme. It's important to understand though that your breasts are made up of mostly fat, so no matter how much you exercise, it's difficult to firm up the fat in the breast area; however, the good news is that you can get a little lift in your breasts by firming up your pectoral muscles under the breasts. You can due simple exercises you can do to firm up your pectorals If you add exercises to your regular workout routine, you can definitely firm up your pectoral muscles and add some lift to your chest.


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