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I am 26 with and have been suspecting something is off with my breasts since the beginning of their development, around 11 or so.  Once I got through my puberty years (started my period at 14 and a half) and absolutely no growth appeared to be taking place, I resigned to the idea that I just had little boobs.  I never minded this, but did not care for how large my areolas were and how conical and lacking my breast shape was.

I know, this is the same story everyone always hears.

At times, if I am cold or right when I remove my bra for example, my nipples will actually perk up when stimulated, shrinking them down and almost making my boobs look rounder and perkier for a moment.  It is as if they take on an entirely different shape that is pretty cute.  This usually only lasts about 20-30 seconds though, and then my nipples and breasts will relax back to their empty, tubular shape once more.  They will typically become slightly more engorged and only slightly more rounded out the week before my period since my hormones are changing, yet afterwards, they become more deflated than ever.

It was not until I was 24 and started getting into rock climbing that I really started to notice the difference between my breasts and a more "normal" breast.  When I actually began gaining some amount of pectoral muscles for the first time in my life, I think this truly began to show my condition that much more clearly.  I climbed moderately and took frequent breaks.  It wasn't until this past year, almost exactly, that I have been climbing very regularly, and doing a lot more upper body strength training.  In this time, I feel my condition has been more dramatically noticeable than ever before.  Before climbing, I did a lot of cycling in college (and then a lot of sitting around for quite a while after college).  My point being that I never did anything upper-body/strength related in my entire life.  So the softness of my upper body I believe, gave me a small amount of extra curve perhaps that led into my breasts, giving them a little extra fat and bounce around that general area, thus, not having such a striking tuberous look. (not to say that my boobs ever grow if I gain weight, and I have gone through times of being overweight) Don't get me wrong, they've always looked this way but I never in my life noticed it so extremely until recently with my "new" pectoral muscles.  It is as if the pectoral muscles pulled back whatever little bit I might have had filling in my breasts, lending to their faux slightly more normal look, and now I can clearly see the issue.  Also, I have noticed in the past year since this has happened, that my areolas perk up SO RARELY compared to what they used to.  My asymmetry, which had always been extremely minimal, is suddenly much more pronounced, as if my left breast is suddenly shrinking.

I finally happened to google "tubular breast," suspicious that I experienced underdevelopment during puberty, but was of course unspeakably heartbroken when I learned about the congenital tissue-restricting cause of my condition.  I think, too, that all of the toxic estrogenic aluminum-laden deodorant I used during my formative years, not to mention all of estrogenic animal-based foods I was pouring into my body at the time (have been vegan for ten years now with my focus on a well-balanced, vitamin-rich whole-foods plant based lifestyle with minimal refined oils, sugars, and processed foods) had a big effect on making me estrogen dominant and stunting my progesterone (I assume from the dozens and dozens of articles/posts I have been reading about this).  

Not only am I heartbroken about the congenital tissue restriction causing me aesthetic displeasure, confidence issues, and discomfort (always has felt like there is a hard ball of tissue behind my areolas that is somewhat sensitive - anyone else with tuberous breasts feel this?  I assume this is my breast bud as this is the first part of my development I ever felt, but of course it went nowhere), but I am so incredibly depressed about not being able to provide the nourishment that my baby would need one day should I decide to have one (and I think I would very much like to one day even though I joke with my other 20-somethings that I'll "never have kids"  Now I feel like a real prick.).     

I am just generally heartbroken.  

I have been glued to this site for a month now and am desperate for some kind of help/relief.  I need to stop thinking about my boobs all the time, it's driving me crazy, but lately, I can't help but feel heartbroken by all of the women I see around me who have such full normal shapes (even if very small!  I am happy to be small!)  I know it will hopefully get better one day, but I am in a period of extreme grieving right now and am facing feelings of inadequacy as a full woman.  My femininity feels as if it is at stake with this awareness of not being fully developed.  

My partners have pretty much always been kind with the exception of one in college who very clearly expressed his desire for larger breasts.  Can't blame people for what they are attracted to of course, who doesn't love full round breast -women's bodies are beautiful when fully developed in all their aesthetic loveliness.  Luckily I didn't know what I was facing at the time, so I suppose it's good that this knowledge came to me a little later.  My partner now is wonderful, sensitive, and kind, but I can't help but feel paranoid if we have sex and he doesn't happen to take off my shirt every now and then.  Of course that's normal for everyone at times, but I am feeling very sensitive since finding all this out.  I have good days and bad days.  The bad days are bad, and I cannot bring myself to talk about it with him about it.  I feel my breasts are a disappointment to him, although he is always so sweet and would never admit it.  I feel it is only natural that they would be a disappointment to any partner though.  Not that that should/would destroy a relationship, of course, at least not a deep and truly loving relationship.

I bought chaseteberry as a supplement, have been taking about a tablespoon of maca powder, and also am taking saw palmetto.  It has only been a week so far.

Like I said, my breast bud is sensitive. not so much so to the point where I can't massage, but I am just wondering about the right massage to free up my constricted tissue and if that would even be possible.

Lastly, I feel like I have read a million of these posts on here asking for help with tuberous breasts and nearly all of them are extremely dated, years back.  I feel people are not sharing their journeys enough or are all women with tuberous breasts merely  having zero luck?

If anyone could please give me some input, I would be extremely appreciative.

Thank you so much for reading this novella...

I will post pictures soon to give a better idea of my situation.

Hi J
You have come to the right place for sure!
Here are my favorite massage threads, and I'm sure you will find one to work with.


There is no magic potion and everyones plan is different.
And most important is that its a slow process, so dont give up, establish a baseline with measurements and pics, and you'll be able to see whats really happening.
Check out the programs folder for some good advice one what works and what doesn't.

And I believe that noogleberry will help with tubular breasts quite well.
Dig in and happy growing



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