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So I need to stop DIM? Or is this temporary?
I posted in here a few weeks ago when my integrative dr was starting me on DIM and SP (among other supplements) for my excess androgens and elevated estrogen. I was concerned about starting these, specifically the DIM because my estrogen had previously been low. I used a fascia blaster a few months ago (no I can't really recommend it) which seemed to release a lot of estrogen and I gained some weight but my boobs really grew too. They still weren't huge but they were over an inch bigger! Although I think I've been estrogen dominant for some time, even when my estrogen was low, I think the fascia blaster is the reason why my estrogen was high this time. I've been on the the DIM for a month now and my boobs are back to as small as they were when I started NBE a few years ago. I'm really sad about the loss of breast size and don't know if I should continue on the DIM until i see her again next month. 

If I continue on the DIM do you think I'll get even smaller? Or is this shrinkage temporary because my body is clearing the bad estrogens and now that those receptors are open for the good estrogen I'll eventually get some size back as the good estrogens fill those in?


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