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So, I am totally new to this world.. 

Ok let me introduce my self first .. my age is 25 and my height 5'1.. I am underweight as well.. eating a lot to increase weight and do work out at home for an hour.. my breast size is just 32 A .. 

I registered here just to take advice from those who already have increased their size.. 

So can anyone tell me what is ideal size for a lady? I guess 36b is perfect one.. but can u tell me how much will I be able to increase.. 

Many people  says massage and breast exercise work while others say it does. Should I start doing olive oil massage daily for 15 minutes in morning and night? Will it help to enhance?

Secondly, please suggest me something to eat. Have heard a lot about flex seeds.. how much should I eat it daily? And how soon it will increase my size.. or any other which might help?

I am new to this all and I really need someone's help I hope people on this forum will be helpful to me thanks !
I just wrote this post for another thread but it seems to work here as well so ts cut and paste time.

There is no magic program that works for everyone, hence you gotta try and try and try some other stuff.

And none of it works overnight either.
SO, take a deep breath and get ready.
First you should get your hormone levels checked so you know which way to start moving.
Next check out:


There you will find many programs of actual users, and their success and failures.
Try one that sounds like your personal situation and see where it takes you. Remember that EVERYONE is different.
And while your doing that.

Here are the best massage threads


read through and see what might work for you.

Keep us posted on how your doing and what problems you run into.
There is NO “Ideal” size for anything — unless it’s a wedding ring, you better get a good fit for her. Besides that, long penises won’t make women happy — large boobs won’t always make men happy — acne is seen as an imperfection, but sometimes people look good with it.

I know guys who loves large boobs — some like small boobs. Some like medium-sized boobs. I am a 36B, which is medium — and I know a guy who liked them.

Natural breast enhancement is not for the lazy – developing a lasting increase in size and shape is possible, but you’re most likely going to have to do a lot more than simply popping a pill a day.

A great way to naturally enhance your breasts is to target breast growth both internally through breast enhancement pills, as well as externally with massage, exercise, and breast enhancement creams.

Why not also add a breast enlargement pump for an even greater boost? A great breast enlargement pump is easy to use and surprisingly effective in helping you grow larger, plumper breasts as well as evening out uneven breasts. And last but not least, don’t forget about targeting breast growth on a psychological level, while you’re at it. Breast enhancement hypnosis tapes are an effortless way of helping you grow bigger breasts – just leave them on overnight as you sleep!


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