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How to cycle pill with period? Also about to start Bovine Ovary-Any help appreciated
Hi everyone! I'm 18 and biologically female with 32A (small A). Naturally slim and tall.

I'm new to all of this and would like to start taking Bovine Ovary (Swanson Raw Ovarian Glandular 250 mg 60 Caps), but I'm not sure how to aim it towards my period and how it works.  Also when should I detox? I have taken Fenugreek before and while it did make my breasts firmer and appear slightly bigger, it messed with my period so I stopped altogether. I think if I'd stayed on it longer I would've noticed more increase but I didn't want to risk anything.

I have been taking Maca Root (1-3 pills a day) for a month now and have only seen results in my hips and thighs which is what I wanted, however I now want more in my chest area. I have not noticed any changes in my breasts while on Maca Root. I have also been doing massages with oil 2-3 times daily for almost 2 weeks now and noticed a BIG difference in the appearnce of my chest (rounder & firmer). I might try out noogleberry soon. My goal is 32B and eventually a small C. Is it possible?

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!


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