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Breast Surgery [ Pros & Cons ]
  • Improved self-confidence – Whether the women is ashamed of her smaller breasts or of her full chest, getting the size she wants and is comfortable with will make her happy in her own skin!
  • Boost For Breast Cancer Survivors – Many women who lose their breasts to breast cancer turn to reconstructive surgery and breast implants to help them achieve a look that makes them feel more comfortable with their bodies.
  • Easy procedure with positive results – Breast implants surgery is a very simple procedure with minimal down time and a very fast recovery period. The majority of patients are fully satisfied with the outcome and are happy they chose to go through with the surgery.

  • Cost –  if you’re hoping to get implants. These procedures tend to be quite expensive with an average cost of $3500-6000.

  • Unwanted health risks – Breast implants can be painful, and there is a chance they could break down and migrate to other parts of the body. Leaks, ruptures, medical complications, bacterial infections and decreased breast sensitivity could also occur.

  • Complications – Capsular contracture, where the body begins to develop a fibrous shell around the implant, is a common complication that can occur with breast implants.

  • Less visibility during mammograms – Although there are no known links between breast cancer and implants, having implants can make the cancer more difficult to detect on a routine mammogram.


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