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Getting a smaller nose
Hello, I was wondering if any of you guys knew how to make your nose smaller. Here's some ideas I've come up with and that I'd like to hear your guys experiences with (if you have any) and that I'd like to try later on. My nose isn't that much of a problem, but I feel like my nose tip could be narrower as well as my nose bridge, just a little bit.
  • I think anything NBE-related that makes your body feminine would also make your face more feminine, i.e. a smaller nose, bigger lips, etc. 
  • Bigger lips. On the subject of bigger lips, I think getting bigger lips in general would make your nose appear smaller in comparison. Also getting bigger eyes, whenever I do my makeup so my eyes look bigger my nose looks tiny in comparison. 
  • Nose contouring. 
  • Avoiding fluid retention in your nose. I'm not sure how you would go on about this actually, but I definitely feel like it could make a big difference. Also I read once that you can get a certain form of rosacea that makes your nose bulbous, so if you suffer from rosacea maybe you should get it treated.
  • Nose devices. There are devices you can buy for your nose so they press on your nose to make them smaller, narrower, upturned, etc. Some only focus on the tip while others focus on the whole nose bridge. A lot of people claim they work, and if corsets work why shouldn't devices that press on your nose not? Especially since the cartilage on your nose is a lot easier to re-shape.
  • Facial exercises. There are exercises where you press on your nose and work on the muscles around your nose to make it smaller. I've been trying to do these myself, what I'm doing is with my index finger I press my nose tip up and then with my thumb and middle finger I press on my nose from the sides to make it narrower. While I do that I just move my nose muscles up and down (not sure how to explain that) about 60 times and I just do that once a day. I do notice it has made my nose a little bit smaller, but I'm not sure if it's just a placebo effect. 
Which other suggestions do you have? Are there any of these you've tried?  Big Grin


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