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Has any one tried breast augmentation with fat transfer method?
Has any one tried breast augmentation with fat transfer method? i want to know what procedure that follow and how is the recovery ... how this method is different from other augmentation methods ?
Hi Elina,
I did a little research into this a few years ago, and found the best site was real self.
There are some plusses and minuses but I'll let you explore.
I too look at this option but personally think they havent prefected there technique enough i feel its still guinea pig stage..
I found this one thread, by Sweets93, and she has gotten the Fat Transfer Augmentation and has also updated her thread with her results and pictures. Here's her thread: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=23192 Initially, her thread started off as a Noogleberry Journey, so you'll have to read more to the end of her thread to look at her results and thoughts on her FTA. 

As you can see, FTA gives a really nice and natural look, but the results are very minimal. You can expect to go up a half cup to a full cup size, but it's really hard to tell because it depends on how much fat your doctor is able to put into your breasts and also if your body metabolizes the fat and to what extent. So immediately after, you might start off with a full cup size bigger. But after 3 to 4 months, you may end up with only half a cup increase. But everyone's body is different. 

FTA tends to be more expensive, but you're also getting liposuction so it's kind of a 2 for 1 type of deal. I definitely think that it's a better alternative to having breast implants (which are definitely no no's for me). At one point, I even signed up for a consultation for FTA, but after doing more research I decided against it. My reasons being: It's very expensive and the results tend to be minimal, there have been studies that show that the injection of fat into the breasts can make it harder to detect breast cancer cells and can also have other negative impacts, some women who have had this procedure have experienced lumpy breasts, and last but not least, when it comes down to it I'd rather avoid all unnecessary surgeries. 

Hope this helps your question!!
Never had one but I heard they are from liposuction that was taken from another part of your body.

My friend had it done.  She did it in two stages.  The first one took her from an A is maybe a B, but the second stage took her to maybe a DD+.  I should have asked the size but I was so amazed after the second stage I forgot to ask.  I remember after the second stage her breasts were hard for a bit till the body adjusted.  Since it's real it feels more real than implants and at least 3-4 years later she still seems to have it all from what I can tell from her social media.  We haven't spoken in a while so I don't really know.

I know some people have it done after a few years as the fat shrinks? or gets reabsorbed?  Not really sure how it all works.  But in the second stage after she had it done she was told not to wear a bra while things healed and they looked fantastic.



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