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Hi! My name is Téa, and I am Trans. I have been transitioning for two years. I went an Herbal route through MyEvanesce. I have followed the program, taking 6 androease 6 Feminol and 5 Evanesce a day. I have experienced a lot of inner changes and little outer. At one point I was going to introduce BO into my program but didn't stick with it. I am now having a resurgence of energy telling me that BO is the next step. I was thinking of starting Pharmies, but I asked the Heavens for help and BO is where I'm being advised to go. 
I am asking anyone to help me. How many BO should I take daily and is there anything else I should be taking with it. I will be taking kelp as well, but if there's anything else that I should be taking, let me know. What should the monthly and yearly doses look like. More or less at certain times, breaks, etc. I want to be very curvy! I would love hips and a big booty and at least B-cups. Also, I have read that you shouldn't mix the phytoestrogens with BO, but I was thinking of lowering what I have been taking with MyEvanesce to just 1or2 of each pill a day. Would that be ok? 
Thanks for reading. I hope you can help!



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