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My new PM program
Hello everyone!

In a short time, I'm going to start my new PM program. This is the first program I've ever done, so I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice and your honest opinion. 

It will consist of:
- 2 PM pills (500 mg each) in the first 15 days
- 2 PM cream chi massages each day (5 minutes each)
- 320 mg (1 pill) of saw palmetto each day
- 2440 mg (2 pills) of fenugreek in the second 15 days
- I was also thinking about including a Noogleberry after the first month or two for 20 minutes each day.

I was wondering about progesterone cream, twice daily.
I read about it in a book about breast enlargement, but it was meant for transgender women, which I am not. It said the following: "Two weeks after you start taking herbs, you should add progesterone cream to your routine for another two weeks. Progesterone cream should be used for two weeks on and two weeks off for as long as you use herbs. The reason for this is that you want to mimic the natural hormone fluctuations that genetic women experience during the menstrual cycle. In women, progesterone levels are naturally highest during the second half of the menstrual cycle (approximately days 14-28)." I do have a menstrual cycle, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it's smart to start it anyway, and when? Or not.

Unfortunately for me, I can't use the normal birth control pill (who knows how much that would've helped me..) since it gave me a pulmonary embolism. I'm now using the Mirena IUD, which makes it hard to exactly know when my cycle is (tips on this? Please let me know).
About that embolism, it makes everything a bit trickier, which is the reason I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to talk to her about it. I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about starting a PM program together with the chance of getting an embolism, and what the risk is to get it again.

I'm also going to ask the doctor for a hormone test, hope that she will grant it to me so I will know a bit more about my hormone levels.

Furthermore, I'm taking 2 spoons of flax seed each day, together with 2 glasses of soy milk, trying to stay away from carbinated drinks, salt and coffee. 

I'm starting with a 32C in measurements, weight at 64 kg and length 176 cm. 

If you've got any tips, criticism, advice, opinions or anything else, please give them to me. I know I'm quite the newbie at the whole NBE thing, but I really want to give it my all.  Big Grin
YEA for Pomme!
Nice job with putting a routine together!.
As a personal preference I'd switch Red Reishi for the SP. I think the jury is still out an what Sp does or doesnt do for you.
I'd also add Calcium with your PM probably 1000mg per day.
And I'd add deer massage to your routine as well as Chi.

Its a good start routine, see how your body responds and I'll let the ladies comment on your other questions.
Oh and nice research on progesterone too, and excellent idea to get the hormones checked. Good to have a baseline!

Any success with this program? It seems good, I am sharing it with wife.
Hi. Youve had the PE.
If raised estrogen raises your risk of a clot id be talking to someone who can really confirm if taking PM is a good idea. I can tell you having cardiac issues (non diagnosed) even progesterone cream gave me sleep apnea which ultimately is closely related to cardiac. 
Your Dr will likely know nothing of puearia so id be talking to the Dr re progesterone supplementation and a naturopathic Dr re the PM.
Just to be safe ya know.
People used to do fine and well on the old boards with just SP and Fenugreek (not condoning it personally just an observation)
My thoughts only are PM is more likely to raise estrogen on a level of birth control.Having had a cardiac related issue due to breast enlargment herbs i feel the urge to caution. See what the professionals say before you make the call .
Best of luck.


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