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Tuberous Help!
I have tuberous breasts and large areolas. What should I try to do for them? I want to buy noogleberry but am worried to make my breasts even more conical shaped and also stretch my areolas even more :Sad I've read getting a large size dome should help fill out the breast to be rounder which is my goal to just make my boobs more rounder in appearance. I am a small 32 B cup, what size dome would be best for me To get to achieve the roundness? A large? Or XL? Or something else? Also I've read about progesterone cream, should I also give that a try and how often do you put it on and can you please recommend a specific brand/product? Could progesterone cream cause more hair growth on the breasts? Can someone also explain to me what progesterone deficiency is and why it could result in the tuberous breasts? I know I have a ton of questions and I hope you can answer them for me as I feel rather clueless!


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