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Tongue  Hello! Name is Courtie (Core-Tea).
I am 30 years old and live in the middle or no where in the Pacific Northwest. 

I was gifted with pretty... well, "long" boobs. my breasts are very long and thin. which causes just natural looking sag and i have to wear a bra a size or two smaller or i just look like Madonna in the 80's. 

i am looking for ways to use NBE to thicken my boobs and stop them from looking like they hang down to my belly button. (in reality they are half way there  Blush )

i am classified as overweight. at 5'11" i am 275lbs.

I have recently started using coconut oil and flax seed oil (both organic from super supplements) and have started massaging twice a day for 10-15 min a time. 

i already am on horomone replacement for mental stability so i am unable to take anything. it all has to be topical.

i am hesitant in using something like the noogle... 

i dunno if it matters but i have a kid - turns out he was lactose so i didnt breast feed for more than like 2 days. 

any help or suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance!!

measurements: as soon as i buy one of those measurement tools.  Cool
Hi Courtie,
Here are my favorite two massage threads.

I'm sure you will find some good routines in there.



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