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What should I pick up from the U.S. while i'm there?

I'll be visiting the USA (I'm in the UK) and I will have the opportunity to pick up tablets, vitamins etc. which are unavailable here. Any recommendations for underdeveloped breasts? I have heard of Bovine Ovary being mentioned on these threads. How much should I buy and where can I buy it from? I will be in san Francisco and also L.A. is this something they would sell in Whole Foods? Should I just keep drinking gallons of unpasteurised milk too? I'm only half joking with that. Anything you can recommend would be great. I am 32A with large, puffy areola and that cluster of tissue for about 1/3 of the breast (gah)! Would it work to take Bovine Ovary alone? is it safe?

Hey! I would love to suggest you something to pick up but I don't really know what your goal is and what type of pills/herbs you have in mind. With NBE you can really go in many directions, but I would certainly suggest that you do a bit of research and find what type of program best suits your needs and your goals and then make a list of things you should get. That way you don't just pick up things randomly and waste your money. Keep in mind that certain combo of herbs and pills do not mix well, so once again, try to find a program that you like and base your purchases off of that after you've done the proper research on each item.

As far as where to pick them up while in the US... I have no idea. I guess you could google an herb shop or vitamin shop in the area you'll be in, and then try to search them out. But most of everything I take on my program I purchased online and not in a physical store.
Progesterone cream is legal in the U.S. but not the U.K.  It is perfectly legal to import for personal use though, you just can't give it to others.  At least according to this site: http://www.npis.info/howtoobtain.htm .  You may want to check other sites to verify.

It should last a long time and it's all about the same so you can just pick the cheapest one.  So you can pick up a bunch and save it for the future for not too much money.  You don't want to overdo PC but it shouldn't spoil so you'll have plenty of time to decide if/when to use it and how much to use.
Hello. I'm not sure what info you need as far as goals. I have already tried Fenugreek and Fennel on two separate occasions. Nothing changed but Fennel affected my mood negatively. So did PM. I've tried Wild Yam cream and a tincture I've forgotten the name of. I am reluctant to try any more herbs like this as I have been doing it on and off for over 10 years with no success. I was thinking more along the lines of bovine ovary as I mentioned before. I am just concerned about side effects. I have tried massage and I own a Brava system. Brava gives me very good swelling but I haven't been disciplined enough with it but I will be once I come back from my U.S. trip. I also own a noogleberry but I find manual pumping exhausting and it's nowhere near as good as Brava.

I want to be a 32C and I am currently a 32A. I can't think of any more info I can give.

Thanks for the info on progesterone cream. Yes I would like to buy a bulk of something to take back with me.

I will be in the U.S. for 1 week from this Sunday.
Not sure if a lot of stores have progesterone cream.  You may need to call around or rush order online such as at Amazon.com.  So better to look into it early.

My sig has some tips.  Generally if you are an A cup and struggling you should try good nutrition first, then go back to herbs and so on.  And the milder herbs before PM or PC.  BO probably won't be much different from herbs.  Massage and pumping is good.  So you'll probably want to try very little PC or hold on to it for a long time until you try good nutrition first.  There are lots of options in my sig thread.  Generally you want to eat lots of whole grains most of all, very low meat/protein (you'll get enough protein no matter what, don't worry) and low plant fat.  The good fats are oily seafood (like salmon) which should be all/most of your little meat.  Or use fish oil.  Also a little chia seeds, flax seed/oil or walnut/its oil for ALA fats.  Veggies help a little too, especially the ones on my list.


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