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Selling 1 unopened tube of Gluteboost Breast Cream
So last week I got ahead of myself and ordered some gluteboost breast cream, but I was planning on saving it to use after I finish my herbal NBE program. Well, I wasn't thinking straight because I realize now that my herbal program might take months or maybe a year, and by then my cream might expire. So I'm selling 1 unopened tube of Gluteboost breast cream, for 30 dollars and I will pay shipping fees as long as the address is in the USA. I paid 48.90 (9.95 shipping cost) so I think it's a great deal. If you're interested but are wanting to pay lower, PM me and I might consider.

Cool thing is that you can also use this cream on your butt and hips. I talked to customer service and I asked them what the difference was between this and their butt cream and they told me the only difference was that their butt cream had fish oil. When I got my package, I looked on the tube and my ingredients says it has fish oil too. I talked back to customer service and then they told me, Oops both the creams are exactly the same! Go figure, lol.

If you're interested send me a PM. I think I still have the email reciept if you want to see that I actually did purchase it online (I will cross out my personal info, of course)



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