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I felt that way at first too but simply put this website is kind of like a therapeutic place, and you don't go to therapy every day. You go when you need it every so often. So people are busy but try to find time to help out others when they have some input or experience when they're visiting. You can't depend your entire journey of the response of others and you have to respect that. Just like someone may read your text but not know what to say or be too busy to respond. The people here go out of their way to offer FREE help and guidance when they can. PMing people is also a faster way to get in contact. But let me tell you I'm a research hound and you will NOT find any other forum website right now that has people with as many years experience, kind heartedness, and empathy toward the pursuit of NBE than right here. Just do your research, build your own data base, record your trial and error, share what you find and participate, and don't take it personally if someone takes a while to respond or never gets around to it.

Doctors and homeopathic people cost money because they provide you with immediate guidance. This is a personal struggle and hobby for these people and I think it's amazing this place even exists! Otherwise I'd probably be on my journey to get fake boobs and I'm so glad this website has shown me another option!
Use the search button, read a bunch of forum history about what interests you, learn what others did in their personal program.  Then get some ideas and ask about them in a new thread.  Then be patient and expect to wait a while for a reply; lots of people come and go here.  And there are 10 lurkers for every logged in member.

Or I have a thread in my sig with some general ideas too.

Generally products like CurvyBust cream have almost nothing in them, sprang up overnight, load up a lot of false hype and faked info, and will shut down before the FDA catches up with them.  And then restart again under a new name.  There are a small handful of ok products that have been around for a while, don't hide their precise ingredient list & quantity and have legitimate user reviews.  Even then you're still better off buying your own herbs and oils individually to get more for your money.
Online pharmacies are shutdown automatically, no matter the domain name.


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